Eija-Liisa Ahtila (b. 1954)
Rakkaus on aarre AKA Love is a treasure (2002)
The film tells five different stories about women who have developed psychoses. It consists of five episodes each telling the story of one woman. In the first a woman prefers to stay underneath her bed because of the imaginary killers hunting around her. In the second a teenage girl becomes the assistant of UFOs controlling sounds heard on earth. In the third episode a woman crawls over a bridge because things have become unstable due to the emergence of past events. The fourth part depicts how anger takes the form of a wind in a woman's apartment. In the last episode a woman starts to hear the sounds of other places, and shuts out all images by covering the windows of her house so as to be able to be in the space where the sounds are. The script links the episodes together by using various spaces and surroundings, and through the treatment of images.