Dominic Angerame (b. 1949)
Premonition (1995)
Premonition (1995) 16mm 11 minutes black and white sound

The San Francisco Embarcadero Freeway comes to life in this elegy for modernity. The Freeway was deemed a triumph of engineering, a monument for human inventiveness. With the 1989 earthquake, however, the freeway was severely damaged and with it all the industrial-technological promises it held. Premonition shows the situation before the crisis, a deceptive moment of industrial harmony.

“Premonition, despite its sadness, does not judge modernity and its Gargantuan feats of engineering, but, on the contrary, admires them, in the fullest aesthetic sense of the word, like a traveler turning a bend in the road whereby an enormity of landscape is revealed, overwhelming his ego, freeing him up toward a larger question while simultaneously diminishing his particularity in the very grandeur of it all...Angerame even loves the works of man, as he loves work itself, but there’s something awestruck before these very works that recalls the child’s wonder before the suddenness of natural disaster, like a five year old staring into a friend’s gaping wound...”—Ronald Sauer