Peter Roehr 1944-1968

He Joe / Samuel Beckett (1965/66, 33:52)

A disembodied voice addresses a monologue to an actor otherwise alone in a room. The voice reminds Joe of a past love affair that ended tragically because Joe drove the woman to suicide.

The whole play is recorded by a single travelling shot moving from a long shot to a close-up of Joe's face.

Excerpt from Samuel Beckett’s directions: «Joe´s opening movements followed by camera at constant remove, Joe full length in frame throughout. No need to record room as whole. After this opening pursuit, between first and final closeup of face, camera has nine slight moves in towards face, say four inches each time. Each move and voice together. ... Camera does not move between paragraphs till clear that pause (say three seconds) longer than between phrases.»

This Film is Part of the collection (2006)