Bruce Conner (1933-2008)
Mongoloid (1978)
Bruce Conner is most famous for his experimental “found film”, A Movie (1958). In A Movie, Conner edited together stock footage, news reels, Academy countdown leader, and B-Grade films (among other things) to create a “pessimistic comedy on the human condition”. The result is an entirely original film made from entirely unoriginal sources.

Similarly, in 1978, Conner collaborated with DEVO to create their second music video, “Mongoloid”. DEVO described it as, “a documentary film exploring the manner in which a determined young man overcame a basic mental defect and became a useful member of society. Insightful editing techniques reveal the dreams, ideals and problems that face a large segment of the American male population.” What results is a brilliant three and a half minute music video by the master of the “found film”.