Salvador Dalí 1904-1989
Dalí in New York (1965)
Runtime: 54 minutes
Language: English
Country: USA, UK
Color: Black and White

Director: Jack Bond

Salvador Dalí
Jane Arden
Jack Bond
Gala Dalí
Phillipe Halsman
Lila Karp
Peter Moore
Eddie Senz

Filmmaker Jack Bond and Salvador Dali got together at Christmas 1965 to make Dali in New York, a highly entertaining film. Dali devoted two weeks of his life to creating extraordinary scenes for the film, performing “manifestations” with a plaster cast, a thousand ants, and one million dollars in cash. When he confronts the feminist writer, Jane Arden, sparks fly. "You are my Slave! I am not your slave. Everybody is my slave.”

Dali recalls his meeting with Freud, “The last human relationship ever” About his wife, ‘But for Gala I would be lying in a gutter somewhere covered with lice” Jim Desmond's dazzling cinematography captures the great artist painting as Flamenco virtuoso Manitas de Plata performs. Dali in New York is a rare treat for anyone who loves film and the living theatre of Dali’s surreal universe.