Bettina Gruber, Maria Vedder

Der Herzschlag des Anubis / Bettina Gruber, Maria Vedder (1988, 4:57)

The tape is a video collage of models and lighting effects. The models are based on Ancient Egyptian culture and its mythological figures, staged as tableaux: «Anubis-Charon-Tableau», «Isis and Osiris-Tableau» and «Horus-Tableau». The single scenes are acted out using paper models of the figures and mythological objects. Different scales of light and shade form the background and help to evoke thematic atmospheres such as «The Air under the Wings», «Circling Night» or «The Black Shadow». The two video artists Bettina Gruber and Maria Vedder have co-operated for years in the production of videotapes.

This Film is Part of the collection (2006)