Richard Kriesche

Malerei deckt zu, kunst deckt auf / Richard Kriesche (1977, 3:12)

Painting covers, art reveals. Between you and me visible barriers are installed. For instance, I look into the cameras of ZDF television. I see none of you who are now seeing me. As you do not see what I see, and I don't see what you see, obviously there is something invisible between us. It's a matter of describing that something, so that you see what I see, and I see what you see. -- Richard Kriesche

In a contribution specially made for transmission on ZDF television's arts programme 'Aspekte', Richard Kriesche repeats three times over – inside the screen, in front of the screen, then back inside the screen – the programmatic media statement quoted above. ‘My project,' said Kriesche when interviewed on this TV action, ‘is an analysis of planes of reality. The image in front of me, the image behind me, the image as simultaneity with me.' The almost didactically deployed blue-box process, in which a mixer imprints a different image over the blue-coloured parts of an electronic image, demonstrates how susceptible TV communication is to manipulation – as if to confirm that ‘painting covers, art reveals’.

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