Kalup Linzy (b. 1977)
Conversations wit de Churen V: As da Art World Might Turn (2006)
2006, 12:10 min, color, sound

Both a "belated sequel to Alex Bag's scabrous art-school confidential Fall 95," (as Elizabeth Schambelan put it in Artforum), and a "self-immolating response to the enthusiastic reception that followed [Kalup Linzy's] breakout in 2005," (as Karen Rosenberg pointed out in New York Times), this episode of the Churen series is a melodrama of an art-school graduate's journey from crushing obscurity to solo show. Wallowing at home and listening to Tina Turner, the young painter Katonya prays, "Dear God, ain't nothing going right since I lost my job, my best friend and my boyfriend." When she lands a studio visit from the bitchy director of Madame Gallery, Katonya sets her expectations a little too high. Writes Schambelan, "Linzy's tweaked telenovela style seems exactly right for a critique of that ever-ascendant phenomenon, the up-and coming art star."

Written, Directed, and Edited by: Kalup Linzy. Katonya: Kalup Linzy. Sholeva Sure: Leo Fitzpatrick. Big Feet Freddy: James Everett Stanley. Martha O'Mary: Nicole Awai. Tony Spits: Brian Winton. Yowayla Bright: Katherine Bernhardt. Ben Thomas: Edwin Gonzalez. Jan Johnson: Kelly Taxter. "I Believe" and "Stranger On The Road" performed by Shirley Caesar. Original Score by: Kalup Linzy. -- EAI

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