Franziska Megert-Vogt

Sweet dressing / Franziska Megert-Vogt (1983, 3:00)

Within the soundscape of an anonymous station, only two black spots in motion suggest the bearing of two people. On a white screen gradually appear irregular dark shades which only later can be identified as clothes, dressed on virtually invisible woman and man. The aesthetic effect is conducted by over-exposure of the light tones (white walls and faces), letting only the dark clothes to signify human presence. The intimacy between a man and a woman is not overexposed by the act of undressing. In contrast, it is slightly implied by the gestures of dressing followed by fondly kissing for good bye and parting. Both silhouettes disappear, leaving the frame in different directions. Their closeness diffuses in the sound of of the station hall and strangers'

This Film is Part of the collection (2006)