Daniel Pflumm b. 1968

Logos auf Schwarz / Daniel Pflumm (1996, 33:22

Daniel Pflumm operates with the glossy veneer of smooth surfaces: garish logos, corporate symbols and brand-names frenetically alternate (backed by Arj Snoek's music). Pflumm detaches the labels from their context (TV or Internet), re-models them on the computer, breaks them down into their structural elements, and sets these constituents spinning in an endless loop. In «logo on black» (for the black box, the cinema, the club) from 1997, lettering of any kind has been manually eliminated (censored) or electronically screened until illegible. Pflumm also combines found material with the labels adorning his own projects (and these labels, in turn, are sometimes appropriated from companies): in his videos, the boundaries are fluid between Elektro (Club, 1992–1994), AT&T, Panasonic (Club, 1995–1997), Esso, PAN AM, WMF (Club) and Microsoft.

This Film is Part of the collection 40jahrevideokunst.de (2006)