Wolf Vostell 1932-1998

Sun in your head / Wolf Vostell (1963, 5:15)

Vostell's large-scale happening '9 Nein Décollagen' ('9 No – Dé-coll/ages) took place on 14 September 1963 in nine different locations in Wuppertal, and was organized by the Galerie Parnass. The audience was ferried by bus from location to location, including a cinema that screened 'Sun in your head' while people lay on the floor. The film transfers to the moving image Vostell’s principle of ‘Décollage’. While up to then Vostell had altered TV pictures as they were being broadcast, he was now able to compose the temporal sequence. Since no video equipment was available in 1963, Vostell instructed camera-man Edo Jansen to film distorted TV images off the TV screen. The film was re-edited and copied to video in 1967.

Made for Vostell’s '9 Nein Dé-coll/agen' (9 'No Dé-coll/ages') happening, the film was subsequently shown in a separate context, for instance in Amsterdam in 1964.

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