Recent Additions

Júlio Bressane Lágrima Pantera [Fragmento] AKA Panther Tear [Fragment] (1972)

Jorge Mautner O Demiurgo AKA The Demiurge (1972)

Raymundo Amado Apocalipopótese AKA Guerra & Paz (1968)

Helen Levitt, Janice Loeb & James Agee In the Street (1948/1952)

Ivan Cardoso H.O. 1979 (1979)

Henri Matisse Matisse (1951)

Marc Chagall Chagall dans son jardin a Saint-Paul-de-Vence (1952-1970)

David Bailey ATV Documentaries: Beaton (1971), Visconti (1972), Warhol (1973)

Lynne Sachs Video Retrospective, 1986-2020

Kenneth Anger Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954)

Wynn Chamberlain Brand X (1970) (screener - watermarked)

Group Ongaku The Music of Group Ongaku (1960-61)

Andy Warhol Paul Swan (1965); My Hustler (1965); Fight (1975)

Shigeko Kubota Video Installations 1970-1994 (1994)

Marcel Duchamp A Conversation with Marcel Duchamp (1956)

Cildo Meireles Documentary (1979)

Charles Atlas, Shigeko Kobuta & Nam June Paik Merce by Merce by Paik (1978)

Luther Price Five Films (1988-1994)

Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy Chris & Don: A Love Story (2007)

Pina Bausch Ahnen (1987)

Steve Paxton Contact at 10th & 2nd (1983); Swimming in Gravity: A Lecture by Steve Paxton (2019)

Linda Montano Primal Scenes (1980); Seven Years of Living Art (1994)

Tadeusz Kantor Let the Artists Die / Niech szczezną artyści (1986); The Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor - Documentary (1985)

Meg Stuart Alibi (1991)

Gilbert & George The World of Gilbert & George (1981)

KLITCLIQUE Chérie, je suis un genie (2017); Auto (2019)

Rammelzee /RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ, The Collabs with Basquiat & Burroughs, extended play version
of "Beat Bop," and full-length LPs [MP3]

William S. Burroughs and Material Seven Souls (1989) [MP3]

Pierre Kast La brûlure de mille soleils (1965)

Samuel Beckett Five Beckett Plays directed by Peter Brook (2015)

John Chamberlain The Secret Life of Hernando Cortez (excerpt) (1968)

Xeno & Oaklander Live Sessions from Covid Quarantine (2020)

Stan Brakhage Lovemaking (1968)

Janja Rakuš Voodoo Waltz for Epileptics (2014) [PDF]

Robert Rauschenberg Pop Art Pioneer (BBC documentary) (2016)

Elizabeth Price The Woolworths Choir of 1979 (2012)

William Basinski The Disintegration Loops (2004)

Merce Cunningham 498 3rd Ave. (documentary, 1967)

Okwui Okpokwasili Bronx Gothic (2014)

Kyle Abraham Pavement (2015)

Ralph Lemon Come home Charley Patton (2004)

Ko Murobushi The Centaur & The Animal (2012)

Marcel Proust The Only Known Film Footage of Marcel Proust (1904) [FILM]

Paul Celan Paul Celan Reads His Poems in German (1957) [FILM]

Bob Flanagan Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (1997) [FILM]

Bruno Maderna Un'ora con Bruno Maderna (1971) [FILM]

Samuel Beckett Five Plays by Samuel Beckett directed by Peter Brook (2015) [FILM]

Conrad Rooks Chappaqua (1967)
[with William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Moondog, Ornette Coleman, The Fugs, Ravi Shankar and others] [FILM]

Henri Lefebvre Le droit à la ville. Un film de Jean Louis Bertuccelli (1974)

Tristan Tzara Sur le mouvement Dada [film] (1961)

Pierre Alferi Videos: Talkies & Cinepoems (2000-2008)

Ezra Pound Reading Canto LXXXI (film)

ensemble 0 Works by John Cage, Morton Feldman, and others (2006-2017) [MP3]

Arthur Cravan The Escape Artist (audio documentary, 2020) [MP3]

Isaki Lacuesta Cravan vs. Cravan (film) (2002)

Ruth Crawford Seeger String Quartet · Chamber Works (1927-1952)

Rudy Burckhardt Six Decades of Filmmaking (1936-1999)

Malcolm McLaren The Ghosts of Oxford Street (1991)

Anarquistas Argentinos Marchas y canciones de lucha (1904-1936) [MP3]

Emily Jacir Videos (2002-2005)

Cornelius Cardew Conspicously (1970s)

Marilyn Minter Videos (1990-2011)

Nick Zedd The Death of Muffinhead (2016)

Laurie Simmons Geisha Song (2011)

David Asekvold 1/4 Moon (1986) / Six Fifty (1989) / Two Hanks (2003)

Yves Klein Documents of Performances & Documentaries

Dickie Landry Fifteen Saxophones (1977)

Jon Gibson Visitations (1973)

Claire Fontaine Video Works (2004-2015)

Juliette Blightman Ten Films & Videos (2005-2015)

Henry Hills Money (1985)

Charlemange Palestine & Simone Forti Illumination (1971) [MP3]

Julien Mérieau Selections from the Radio Mulot Archive (2001-2016) [MP3]

GRABAR Y COAGULAR: A History of Audio Pieces by Peruvian Artists (1972-2018) [MP3]

Jorge Eduardo Eielson Audiopinturas: Estructuras Verbales Para Voz (1972) [MP3]

Luis Alvarado - Jorge Eduardo Eielson and Sound Poetry [PDF]

Martial Raysse Le Grand Départ (1972)

David Wojnarowicz Cross Country (1998) [MP3]

Johanna Went Hyena (1982) [MP3]

Jean Cocteau Jean Cocteau s'adresse... à l'an 2000

Maryanne Amacher Sound Characters 1 & 2 (1999-2008) [MP3]

David Hockney A Bigger Splash (1974)

Orson Welles Orson Interviews the Letterists featuring Isidore Isou (1955)

Julio Cortázar A Fondo: Interview with Julio Cortázar (1977)

Syntax International Festival of Sound Poetry (1978) Cobbing, Mac Low, bissett, Chopin, et. al

Goodiepal El Camino del Hardcore - rejsen til norden indre and other works (2008-2019) [MP3]

Vivienne Dick No Wave Films (1978-2004)

The Otolith Group Otolith II (2009)

Alfred Clah Through Navajo Eyes: The Intrepid Shadows (1966)

Bek Hyunjin Wave 1-16 (2019)

Sprechbohrer Performs the Sound Poetry of Kurt Schwitters

Sophia Al-Maria Mirror Cookie (2018)

Syntax International Festival of Sound Poetry (1978) Mac Low, Cobbing, Rühm, bissett, Toop, Chopin etc.

Shadi Habib Allah Trim (2019)

Aryan Kaganof Nicola’s First Orgasm (2003)

Alexander Voigt Performs Kurt Schwitters's Ursonate

Curtis Harrington Fragment of Seeking (1946)

Johanna Bruckner Molecular Ghosts Of Love (2019)

Stephen Dwoskin Central Bazaar (1976)

Solmaz Shahbazi Tehran 1380 (2002)

Francesco Urbano Ragazzi Six Doors (2019)

Lydia Lunch Films, Music, Videos, & Performances (1978-2006)

Taj Mahal Travellers Taj Mahal Travellers on Tour (1973)

Andy Warhol Sleep (1963); Vinyl (1965); Inner and Outer Space (1965); Soap Opera (1964); Screen Tests (1963-66)

Barbara Hammer Maya Deren's Sink (2011)

Stephen Dwoskin Chinese Checkers (1965)

Ebrahim Golestan The Crown Jewels of Iran (1965)

Morgan Fisher Standard Gauge (1984)

Peter Kubelka Mosaik im Vertrauen / Adebar / Schwechater / Arnulf Rainer / Unsere Afrikareise / Pause! (1955 – 1977)

Leah Singer Film & Video Retrospective (1992-2016)

Derek Piotr Soundworks (2015-2018)

Thomas Bayrle Computer Animations (1985-1999)

Martin Creed Sick Film [Work No.837] (2007); Ballet [Work No. 1020] (2013); Thinking / Not Thinking (Work #1090) (2011)

Jennifer West Selected Film Excerpts Compilation (2005-2009); Selected Film Excerpts Compilation (2011-13); One Mile Film (2012)

Patti Chang Video Retrospective (1998-2014)

Robert Beavers The Stoas (1991-97); The Ground (1993-2001)

Orlan Early Works (1977-1985)

Michel Goday Malevich, Walking Around the Figures (2009)

Kenneth Anger Brush of Baphomet (2009); Missoni (2010)

Peter Halley Exploding Cell (1983)

Eberhard Blum Recites Kurt Schwitters's Ursonate (1991)

Mona Hatoum Films, videos, and performances (1983-1994)

Gilles Deleuze Foucault Lecture (1985) [MP3]

Tony Cokes Black Celebration (1988); Evil 35: Carlin / Owners (2012)

John Oswald Mystery Tapes (c. 1980) [MP3]

Beth B Under Lock and Key (1994)

Ernst Jandl Sound Poetry (1968-1988) [MP3]

William Kentridge Il Ritorno d’Ulisse (1998)

Alan Courtis Sounds, Scores, Film (2004-2017) [MP3]

Nam June Paik Butterfly (1986)

Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot (1956); Works For Radio: The Original Broadcasts (1957-1976); Happy Days (1980) [MP3]

Wild Man Fischer An Evening with Wild Man Fischer (1968) [MP3]

Wild Man Fischer Derailroaded (2005)

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Mouth to Mouth (1975); Vidéoème (1976)

Mauricio Kagel Two-Man Orchestra (1971-73)

Cyprien Gaillard Early Video Works (2007-2009)

Tony Conrad The Death of Tony Conrad (1976), dir Richard Wicka

David Hall This is a Television Receiver (1976)

Allora & Calzadilla The Night We Became People Again (2017), Breaking into Trunks (2017)

Nam June Paik My Mix '81 (1981)

Luke Fowler and Kosten Koper >The Way Out (Portrait of Xentos Jones) (2004)

Mário Peixoto Limite (1930)

Ceal Floyer Conceptual Videos (2007-2017)

Henri Chopin Discography (1956-2007) [MP3]

Agnès Varda Films by and about Agnès Varda (1966-76)

Kathy Acker Love, Emily (1987), texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini [MP3]

Juan Angel Italiano Wat is Dada [MP3]

Alex Da Corte Five Videos (2010-2017)

Keren Cytter MIDDLE OF BEYOND (2017)

Robert Smithson The Collected Writings [PDF]

Walter Benjamin Flâneur III: Benjamin’s Shadow (1998), dir. Torben Skjodt Jensen

John Smith The Girl Chewing Gum (1976)

Evelin Brosi 34650 Seconds (in 3 parts) (2016)

Jackie Curtis Superstar in a Housedress (2004)

Kimsooja A Beggar Woman - Cairo (2001); To Breathe: Invisible Mirror/Invisible Needle (2005)

Walter Pfeiffer Films: Music for Millions (1977) Kawasaki Cut (1985) and The Plaza (1985-2001)

Simon Starling Videos and Documentation of Works (1999-2013)

Ericka Beckman Out of Hand (1980)

Laurie Anderson Rare Early Singles (1974-1981) [MP3]

Toshi Ichiyanagi Music For Tinguely (1963) [MP3]

Claus Böhmler Femsehen nächste Woche, Vom 4. 9 bis 10. 0 (1982) [MP3]

Tellus #25 Site-Less Sounds (1991) [MP3]

The Audio Players A Futurist Octet (1978) [MP3]

Marcel Duchamp The Green Box (1934), complete set of high res scans

Samuel Beckett The Lost Ones (1975)

Ira Cohen Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda (1970)

Christopher Knowles Films: Sunshine Superman and The Watch Movie (1978)

Robert Wilson Early works: videos, performances, readings, documentation (1978-1992)

Annika Ström Video works (1998-2016)

Serkan Ozkaya Videos, Performances, Documentation (1998-2016)

Dominic Angerame Film Retrospecive (1982-2013)

40jahrevideokunst Video Art in Germany, 1963-2004

Wangechi Mutu Cutting (2004); Amazing Grace (2005); Shoeshoe (2010)

Wangechi Mutu Cutting (2004); Amazing Grace (2005); Shoeshoe (2010)

Fluxus FLuXuS Internationale FesTsPiELe NEUEsTER MUSiK", Wiesbaden, 1962

Ulysses S. Jenkins Video Works (1978-2010)

Samuel Beckett What Where (video) English Language

MarieVic Blowing Riccardo (2015); UNICLONES (2017)

Videofreex Building Dome in Riverbi Earth People's Park (1971); Lanesville TV: January 26th, 1973 (1973)

Thomas Bayrle Sunbeam (1994); Kamilledampfbad (1996)

Rosalind Nashishibi Eyeballing (2005); Hreash House (2004)

WGBH Video: The New Wave (1973)

Steve McQueen Five Easy Pieces (1995); Western Deep (2002)

Rirkrit Tiravanija Early Experimental Films & Home Movies (1981-2003)

Onement Records Each release is limited to a single copy (Cage, Tilbury, Rowe, Skepmton, etc.) [MP3}

Sylvain Chauveau Recent Music [MP3}

Dieter Roth & Oswald Wiener auch das wort 'viel' ist nicht viel (1976) [MP3}

Carolee Schneemann Interior Scroll - The Cave (1975-1995)

Chicken to Kitchen In the Cage (for Joe Jones) (1993) [MP3}

Adam Pendelton BAND (2009)

Sharon Hayes I didn't know I loved you (2009)

Taryn Simon The Innocents (2002)

Smith / Stewart Compilation Reel (1994-2001)

Andrew Norman Wilson Ode to Seekers (2012); The Unthinkable Bygone (2016); Reality Models (2016)

Sturtevant Ca va Aller (1998)

Rosemary Trockel Video and Films (1998-2003)

Sterling Ruby Video Works (2003-2009)

Theaster Gates Sun Salutations (undated); Breathing (2010)

Terry Adkins Film & Video (1989-2012)

Samuel Beckett Krapp's Last Tape (2011). Directed by Atom Egoyan

Matthew Barney Soundtrack to Cremasters 3 & 5 [MP3]

Slavoj Žižek Zizek! (2005)

Craig Baldwin Science in Action! A Craig Baldwin Retrospective [MP3]

Jacques Lacan Jacques Lacan Speaks (1971) and Jacques Lacan Psychanalyse I and II (1973)

La Ribot La Ribot Distinguida, documentation of performances

Morton Feldman Filmed conversations with Iannis Xenakis, Louis Andriessen, and Geoffrey Madge (1986)


Matthew Barney & Elizabeth Peyton Blood of Two (2009)

Valie Export Capri-Fischer (1981) [MP3]

John M. Bennett Visual Poetry (1973-2010)

Dan Lander and Micah Lexier Sound By Artists (1990, PDF, 104mb)

Barry Rosen A Sound Selection: Audio Works by Artists (1980) [PDF]

Eduardo Paolozzi History of Nothing (1962); Kakafon Kakkoon (1965)

William Kentridge The Refusal of Time (Prologue) – Anti-Mercator (2011); Other Faces (2011); Sonnets (2012)

Moyra Davey Notes On Blue (2015)

Ilene Segalove What is Business (1982); The Riot Tapes (1984)

Mark Leckey Dream English Kid 1964 – 1999AD)

Chris Kraus Six Films (1982-1996)

Roland Barthes Le plaisir du texte (1973)

Cornelius Cardew Docmentaries, Interviews, Scratch Orchestra, Compositions, etc. (1960-2000s)[MP3]

Walter Marchetti Soundworks (1965-1999)[MP3]


Momus Hearspool (2013-2017), radio plays [MP3]

Brandon Locher Conversations (2006-2017) [MP3]

Luc Ferrari Karlheinz Stockhausen, Moment (1966), documentary

Jean-Luc Godard Une femme coquette (A Flirtatious Woman) (1955)

Luc Ferrari Hommage à Edgar Varèse (1966), documentary

Altavoz del frente Agitación cultural y propaganda de la vanguardia, guardia y retaguardia en la 2ª República y guerra civil Epañola (1931-1939) [MP3]

Claude Closky Early Video Works (1994-2004)

Jon Leidecker and Barbara Golden Women In Electronic Music 1938-1982, Part 3

Stephen Soderbergh The Return of W. De Rijk (2015)

Aleister Crowley Wax Cylinder Recordings (1910-1914) [MP3]

Bob Flanagan Sick: The Life And Death Of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (1997) [MP3]

Martin Creed Mind Trap (2014) [MP3]

Haroldo de Campos Poems (1953-1962) [MP3]

Henry Cowell Orchestral Works (1944-1960)

COWWS Quintet Grooves 'n' Loops (1993)

Captain Beefheart Poetry Reading (1993)

Annea Lockwood Early Works (1967-82) [MP3]

Vicki Bennett / People Like Us No One is an Island (2016) [MP3]

Kara Walker Fall Frum Grace, Miss Pipi's Blue Tale (2011)

John Lennon Rolling Stone Interview (1971) [MP3]

Jon Rafman Videos (2009-13)

Matthew Barney Blind Perineum (1991)

Rivane Neuenschwander Video works, 2008-2010

Yoko Ono Avant-Garde Rarities (1968-72)

Lucia Dlugoszewski Disparate Stairway Radical Other [MP3]

Patti Chang Video works, 2005-2014

Samuel Beckett BBC Beckett Centenary Festival (2006) [MP3]

Paul de Man The Messenger Lectures (1974/1983) [MP3]

Georges Perec The Infra-Ordinary (1973)

Hanns Eisler Historische Aufnahmen: Lieder Und Balladen [MP3]

David Koresh Voice of Fire (1993) [MP3]

Lawrence Weiner concerning twenty works (1980); Peter Gordon & Lawrence Weiner, Deutsche Angst (1982) [MP3]

Dion McGregor The Dream World Of Dion McGregor (He Talks In His Sleep) (1964); The Further Somniloquies Of Dion McGregor; Dreams Again

Allan McCollum Get Out Those Old Records (1981) [MP3]

Gavin Bryars & Juan Muñoz A Man In A Room, Gambling (1992) [MP3]

François Dufrêne Archi-Made [MP3]

Rashid Johnson The New Black Yoga (2011)

Oscar Muñoz Videos and performances (2003-2011)

Carly Mark Did I Really Die? (2014) and Good Buy Human (2016)

Pedro Reyes On Alienation. Karl Marx and Adam Smith (2011) and Baby Marx Episode 1 On Surplus Value (2011)

Trisha Donnelly Untitled (2010-ongoing)

William Kentridge O Sentimental Machine (2015)

Ingo Niermann & Alexa Karolinski Army of Love (2016)

John Latham Speak (1962), Soundtrack: Pink Floyd

Marcel Duchamp Rebel Ready-Made (1966)

Marcel Duchamp BBC Interview (1968)

Georges Bataille À perte de vue / "As-Far-as-The-Eye-Can-See (At the Limit of Vision)", documentary (1997)

Pablo Picasso The Mystery of Picasso (Le mystère Picasso) (dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1956)

Michel Foucault Michel Foucault - Beyond Good and Evil (1993), documentary

Erik Satie Erik Satie: Things Seen to the Right and the Left, documentary (2015)

Luc Sante UbuWeb Top Ten for September 2016

Wolf Fifth New Additions: 30 avant-garde LPs [MP3]

Klaus Kinski Kinski Spricht Werke Der Weltliteratur [MP3]

Adrian Bridget And I Danced To Make A Man Again (2016)

Don Cherry / Krzysztof Penderecki Actions (1971) [MP3]

Dominic Angerame Four Films (1987-1997) [MP3]

Jean-Luc Godard Histoire(s) Du Cinéma (1999) [MP3]

Germano Celant The Record as Artwork, from Futurism to Conceptual Art (1977) [PDF, 28mb]

Morton Feldman and Iannis Xenakis -- "In Conversation" (1986) [PDF, 47k]

Morton Feldman and La Monte Young -- "A Conversation on Composition and Improvisation" (1985) [PDF, 1.7mb]

Morton Feldman the Rug-maker, Weaving For John Cage (Meg Wilhoite) [PDF, 1.3mb]

Henry Flynt -- Down With Art (1968) [PDF]

Chris Kraus Terrorists in Love (1985)

Claire Fontaine France (Burnt/Unburnt) (2011)

Guy de Cointet Performances, Interviews, Documentaries (1974-85)

Sturtevant The Dark Threat of Absence Fragmented and Sliced (2003)

Yinka Shonibare Odile and Odette (2005)

Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty , full version (1970)

Stan VanDerBeek 38 Films (1957-1972)

Andy Warhol Absolut Warhola Documentary, dir. Stanislaw Mucha (2001)

Pruitt-Early Tina Lyons Express Yourself (c. 1990)

Robert Rauschenberg Linoleum (1967)

My Barbarian Night Epi$ode (2009); The Butterfly’s Evil Spell by Lara Schnitger & My Barbarian (2012); Shakuntala DuBois (2012)

Pedro Reyes On Alienation. Karl Marx and Adam Smith (2011); Baby Marx Episode 1 On Surplus Value (2011)

Karen Finley The Constant State of Desire (1996)

Rineke Dijkstra The Buzz Club, Liverpool, England/Mysteryworld, Zaandam, Netherlands (1996-1997); Annemiek (1997)

Mika Rottenberg Videos (2008-2011)

Robert Beck Nine Years Later (Panic + Bigmouth Strikes Again) (1996); Nine Years Later (Girlfriend In A Coma) (1998)

Orlan Videos and Documentaries

Matt Mullican Live Under Hypnosis (2002)

Maria Lassnig Kantate (1992)

Nam June Paik Films and Videos, 1962-2006

Mona Hatoum Videos, 1984-94

Nancy Holt Resolve (1977); Art in the Public Eye: The Making of Dark Star Park (1988)

Moyra Davey 50 Minutes (2006)

Harry Bertoia Harry Bertoia's Sculpture (1978), documentary

Peggy Ahwesh and Barbara Ess Radio Guitar (2001) [MP3]

Mary Lucier Two Screen Matrix: Air Writing (1974)/Fire Writing (1975); Ohio at Giverny (1983); Arabesque (2004)

Marina Abramoviç and Ulay Documentation of Performance Works 1976-1988

Gavin Bryars Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (with Tom Waits) [MP3] (1993)

Emily Jacir Crossing Surda (a record of going to and from work) (2002), excerpt

Helen Marten Dust and Piranhas (2011); Evian Disesase (2012)

Fischli/Weiss Three Films (1991-1987)

Liz Magic Laser Recent Video Works (2011-2015)

Marcel Dzama A Game of Chess (2011)

Allora & Calzadilla Selected Videos (2004-2012)

Helen Marten Dust and Piranhas (2011); Evian Disesase (2012)

David Hammons From An Interview with David Hammons (1986)

Shahzia Sikander The Last Post (2010)

Marinetti, Russolo, etc. Musica Futurista [MP3] (1980)

Ragnar Kjartansson Satan Is Real (2005)

Karen Kilimnik Heathers (1994)

Ludwig Wittgenstein Wittgenstein: A Wonderful Life (1989), documentary

Tellus #25 Site-Less Sounds (1991)

Andy Warhol WNET, USA Arts Interview (1966)

Philip Guston A Life Lived (1982) [documentary]

Karlheinz Stockhausen Stimmung (1971) [MP3]

Edgard Varèse Intégrales, Offrandes, etc. (1971)

People Like Us Nothing Can Turn Into A Void (2015), documentary

Kalup Linzy Conversations wit de Churen: II, IV, V (2003-06)

Juan Downey Nine Videos (1982-90)

Judith Barry Casual Shopper (1980-81); Study for Mirror and Garden (2003)

Joseph Beuys Public Dialogue (1974)

The Films of Janet Cardiff Road Trip (2004); The Killing Machine and Other Stories (1995-2007); Alter Bahnhof Video Walk (2012)

Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams The Posters Came from the Walls (2008)

Douglas Davis Video Against Video (1975)

Douglas Gordon Stooges Burn-Out (1995); Douglas Gordon sings the best of Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground (For Bas Jan Ader), 1993

Josiah McElheny Conceptual Drawings for a Chandelier, 1965 (2005)

Jim Shaw The Hole (2007); The Whole (2009)

Josephine Meckseper 0% Down (2008); Contaminator (2010); Untitled (2011)

Frances Stark Video Works (2001-2012)

Jennifer Steinkamp Documenation of Early Installations (1989); Dervish (2004-2005)

James Welling Middle Video (1972)

Simon Denny Two Videos: Corporate Video Decisions Archive Interface Design (2011) and Diligent Boardbooks (2011)

Eleanor Antin Three Videos: Representational Painting (1971), The Adventures of a Nurse (Parts I and II) (1976), From the Archives of Modern Art (1987)

Scott Treleaven The Salivation Army (2002)

Don Joyce We'll Be Right Back (1994)

Various Los Angeles Artists Voices of the Angels (1992)

Richard Phillips Lindsay Lohan & Sasha Grey (2011)

Lorna Simpson Video Works (1997-2011)

Lawrence Weiner Blue Moon Over (2001)

Rirkrit Tiravanija (Ghost Reader C.H.) (2002)

Bernard Wilets Discovering Electronic Music: Revised (1983)

Red Grooms Fat Feet (1965-66)

Laurie Anderson Collected Videos (1981-2013)

Liz Magic Laser Four Performances (2011-1990)

Paul Chan Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord with a new and unauthorized translation, voiceover by Paul Chan (2013)

Rirkrit Tiravanija Chew the Fat (2008)

René Viénet Mao par Lui-meme (1977)

Craig Baldwin Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (1991)