Ton Bruynèl (1984)

Self-Released Album

  1. Rain (9:21)
  2. Adieu Petit Prince (18:49)
  3. From the Tripod (15:34)
  4. Chicharras (14:01)

    Rain for four pianists two pianos and sounds performed by Polo de Haas, Margaret Krill, Robert Nasveld & Niek de Vente
    Adieu Petit prince for soundtracks and voice
    From the tripod for loudspeakers woman and listeners performed by Krikor Tchetinyan & Female Choir of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Warsaw
    Chicharras for soundtracks and voice

    95 - Ton Bruynel - Rain, Adieu Petit Prince, From The Tripod, Chicharras - 1984 - 6818.320

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