AGP124 - US Electronic Music V | Bulent Arel (1919-1990)

  1. Arel, Stereo Electronic Music No. 1 [10:33] [MP3]

  2. Arel, Mimiana I Flux [10:45] [MP3]

  3. Arel, Mimiana III [12:33] [MP3]

  4. Arel, Stereo Electronic Music No. 1 [10:33] [FLAC]

  5. Arel, Mimiana I Flux [10:45] [FLAC]

  6. Arel, Mimiana III [12:33] [FLAC]

  7. AGP 124 notes [TXT]

  8. LP liner notes [PDF]


AGP124 continues our series of electronic compositions from the USA with works by Bulent Arel, who was born and raised in Turkey before coming to the US to work at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Arel's tonal palette is (by design, I think) rather limited, but he achieves some interesting rhythmic effects in his electronic works.

The LPs transcribed for this installment are all in reasonably good condition, but the combination of pressing noise characteristic of so many American releases and the hiss characteristic of much early electronic music does increase the ambient noise level in many tracks. The installment includes a PDF file with scans of the liner notes from all of the LPs in this installment as well as AGP123.

NOTE: Six tracks originally in AGP124 have been deleted because the LPs they appeared on are being re-issued by New World Records in a series of CDs.