AGP131 - Spanish Vocal Music (1976-83)

  1. Ibarrondo: Sino [14:59] [MP3]

  2. Ibarrondo: Odolez [5:53] [MP3]

  3. Ibarrondo: Zoro Dantzak [6:01] [MP3]

  4. Ibarrondo: Argiruntz [9:32] [MP3]

  5. Bernaolo:˝Ú que so˝aba [18:33] [MP3]

  6. Marco: Ecos de Antonio Machado [25:16] [MP3]

  7. Ibarrondo: Sino [14:59] [FLAC]

  8. Ibarrondo: Odolez [5:53] [FLAC]

  9. Ibarrondo: Zoro Dantzak [6:01] [FLAC]

  10. Ibarrondo: Argiruntz [9:32] [FLAC]

  11. Bernaolo:˝Ú que so˝aba [18:33] [FLAC]

  12. Marco: Ecos de Antonio Machado [25:16] [FLAC]

  13. AGP 131 notes [TXT]

  14. LP liner notes [PDF]


AGP131 features choral and vocal works by three Spanish composers: Felix Ibarrondo, Carmelo Bernaola, and Tˇmas Marco. The four works by Ibarrondo are drawn from a Harmonia Mundi LP devoted to his compositions. They are choral works that remind me in places of Ligeti's Requiem and the sacred choral works of Penderecki. Sino is my favorite--combining a mixed choir with horns and thundering timani. The works by Bernaola and Marco are drawn from the same 2LP set as Al son que tocan by Luis de Pablo from AGP17. The works in that set are all homages to the great Spanish poet Antonio Machado. They feature a combination of individual speaking and singing voices with choral passages, and a glittery instrumental ensemble dominated by percussion and plucked string instruments - particularly in track 05.

The recordings and pressings in this installment are all quite nice. The installment includes a PDF file with scans of the liner notes from the two LPs transcribed for this installment. The installment is 18 seconds longer than 80 minutes, but you should be able to fit it on one CD by overburning, if your software permits that.