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AGP139 - Francois Bayle (1932-) | Grande Polyphonie (1974)

  1. Grande Polyphonie, side A [18:20] [MP3]

  2. Grande Polyphonie, side B [17:57] [MP3]

  3. Grande Polyphonie, side A [18:20] [FLAC]

  4. Grande Polyphonie, side B [17:57] [FLAC]

  5. AGP 139 notes [TXT]

  6. LP liner notes [PDF]


AGP139 is the project's first 24-bit LP transcription, featuring Grande Polyphonie by Francois Bayle. A 16-bit CD transcription of this work appeared in AGP125, but I figured I'd try transcribing my LP copy to 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files to see if there was any difference in resolution of the complex sounds of this work. I haven't tried blind A/B comparisons, but it does seem to me that the 24-bit version has more of a sense of the real presence of the acoustic sounds, with very little LP distortion.

I don't know how apparent the difference will be on mid-fi equipment, and you will of course need a D/A converter that is capable of 24-bit quantization, or you will merely be hearing a 16-bit scale-down. But I offer these files for what they are worth, in the interest of having the best possible version of this excellent work available.

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