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AGP180 - International Week of New Music (1991)

  1. Vinko Globokar: RES/AS/IN-SPIRIR [8:44] [MP3]

  2. Liviu Danceanu: QUASIOPERA (fragment) [15:54] [MP3]

  3. Nicolae Brindus: CONCERT PENTRU VIOARA SI ORCHESTRA [25:19] [MP3]

  4. Vinko Globokar: RES/AS/IN-SPIRIR [8:44] [FLAC]

  5. Liviu Danceanu: QUASIOPERA (fragment) [15:54] [FLAC]


  7. AGP 180 notes [TXT]

  8. LP liner notes [TXT]


AGP180 is a transcription of one of the rarest LPs ever to be included in the AGP, which was provided through the generosity of an exceptionally dedicated AGP partisan. It was released on the Romanian label Electrecord, and presents selections from the International Week of New Music in Bucharest, Romania, May 23-30, 1991. This installment celebrates the 20th anniversary of that festival, which is still going strong. Track 03 in particular is a treat.

These are decent-quality live recordings, though not as finely detailed as those included in AGP82. The LP is in exemplary condition, and the pressing is fairly quiet considering that the LP was released only two years after the revolution that brought democracy to Romania. Current Electrecord CD issues can be found at their website.

The LP came with no liner notes or booklet. The installment includes a scan of the front cover, and I have transcribed into a txt file everything on the front and back covers and on the LP labels.  

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