Laurie Anderson (b. 1947)

Various Tracks


  2. IS ANYBODY HOME, 1976 (4:27) [MP3]

    for boot horn, camera, stairs, piano, and voice, Peter Gordon: clarinet Joe Kos: drums Scott Johnson: bass Laurie Anderson: voice, violin

  3. IT'S NOT THE BULLET THAT KILLS YOU - IT'S THE HOLE (for Chris Burden), 1976 (3:49) [MP3]

    Scott Johnson: guitar, boss; Joe Kos: drums; Ken Deifik: harmonica; Laurie Anderson: violin, voice; Scott Johnson, Laurie Anderson & Ken Deifik: arrangement

    [Tracks 1-3 from Airwaves]

  4. It Was up in the Mountains

  5. Drums

  6. Closed Circuits

  7. Born, Never Asked

    [Tracks 4-7 from The Dial-A-Poem Poets: You're the Guy I Want To Share My Money With]

  8. Three Expediences
    (4:45, Recorded at ZBS Media, Fort Edward, NY, Feb., 1978)

    [Track 8 from The Dial-A-Poem Poets: Dial-A-Poem Poets - Big Ego]

  9. Laurie Anderson Lecture

    [Track 9 from Vision #4 - Word of Mouth (1980)]

  10. Laurie Anderson + Julia Heyward | Song from America On The Move (12:50)

    [Track 10 from The Dial-A-Poem Poets: The Nova Convention]

    La Visite Guidée (1994)

    Music: Laurie Anderson
    Voice: Sophie Calle

    1. The Bed 0:43
    2. The bucket 1:00
    3. The razor blade 0:50
    4. The dessert 0:52
    5. The coffee cup 1:33
    6. Letter (1) 1:17
    7. Letter (2) 0:49
    8. Letter (3) 1:15
    9. Letter (4) 1:07
    10. Letter (5) 2:03
    11. TeleStar 0:47
    12. The telephone 1:05
    13. The polaroid 0:58
    14. The sheet 1:33
    15. The wedding dress 0:42
    16. The bathrobe 1:00
    17. The tie 1:33
    18. The blond wig 0:55
    19. The red shoe 1:09
    20. The high heel 1:15
    21. The painting 1:20

    Exhibition catalogue / artists' book with Audio CD published in conjunction with show held March 27 - May 29, 1994. Book consisting of color image of items from Calle's life / art pair with artists' texts accompanied by an Audio CD on which Calle talks, in English, about the objects with music by Laurie Anderson. "In the Spring of 1994 a walkman offered visitors a guided tour of the museum a part of Sophie Calle's exhibition 'Absent', held from March 27 to may 29, 1994. To the accompaniment of music by Laurie Anderson, the listener was lead past Calle's personal possessions, supplemented by autobiographical notes and scattered throughout the museum. We decided to preserve the temporary character of the arrangement by publishing a book of the objects and the accompanying texts. The companion CD re-enacts the tour for everyone." -- from book's preface.

    New Music America 1981: Selections from “United States” by Laurie Anderson (June 13, 1981), Part 1

    New Music America 1981: Selections from “United States” by Laurie Anderson (June 13, 1981), Part 2

    From a recording made on June 13, 1981 in San Francisco, as part of the New Music America Festival, Laurie Anderson performs selections from her epic work “United States”. Laurie Anderson was born in 1947 in Chicago and received her MFA in sculpture from Columbia University. As a performance and recording artist, she has worked with film-sound-talking pieces for many years, performing at the La Jolla Museum, the Berlin Festival, and various other places in the U. S. and Europe. In this concert she performs a number of pieces including versions of songs that were later included on her famous “rock” album “Big Science”. The atmosphere was electric, the appreciative audience was eclectic, and the resulting concert was nothing short of extremely effective entertainment.

    Laurie Anderson in UbuWeb Film