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PhonoStatic 9: Concurrencies (1988)

085 No Other Radio Network by Son of Spam

086 Desire by The Tape-beatles (Lloyd Dunn, John Heck, Ralph Johnson)

087 Boing Boom by X.Y. Zedd (Scott Paul Elledge)

088 Kick the Chandelier by X.Y. Zedd (Scott Paul Elledge)

089 Communication by X.Y. Zedd (Scott Paul Elledge)

090 Lampshade by P. Petrisko, Jr.

091 Children of the Bushwack by Semantics Could Vanish (Miekal And, Liz Was, and others)

092 untitled by Malok

093 Hey Moe by Mike Miskowski and Dave Williams

094 Listen Please by X.Y. Zedd (Scott Paul Elledge)

095 untitled by I.M.I. (Pascal Uni)

096 Ithaca Music by MoriArty

097 untitled by Chris Winkler

098 From the tide or the wind by The Tape-beatles (Lloyd Dunn, John Heck, Ralph Johnson)

Forming a matched set with its predecessor, the Concurrencies cassette proposal asked for works that especially emphasized layered sound, multiple tracks working together simultaneously in time. The PhonoStatic regulars are generally present; X.Y. Zedd springs forth with three pieces; The Tape-beatles offer up two. Son of Spam sumits a memorable opening track, and Semantics Could Vanish appear in the guise of yet another slightly altered project name (beginning much earlier in the decade as "Two Dogs in Paris"). Plucked directly from the international mail stream are works, too, by a handful of mail artists; these include Malok, I.M.I. (Pascal Uni), and MoriArty (whose 14-minute opus is the longest segment on the comp). Audio works by veteran zinesters, Petrisko, Miskowski, and Winkler, members of a triumvirate based in Arizona's urban centers, each offer up one of their audiotape musings.

Compilation edited by Lloyd Dunn

Cassette release (1988): PhonoStatic Cassettes, Iowa City, Iowa

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