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  Audio: Peter Walker / John Cale  


Today, pop music is adventuring in all directions. Influenced by Indian raga music, the amplifiers are coming off some guitars and more strings are being put on — as in this record, where western instruments are used in an eastern manner, producing "American folk raga."


Peter Walker
White Wind
Peter Walker, Guitar; Monty Dunn, Drums; Bruce Longhorne, Bass Tambourine; Alex Lukeman, 12-String Drone
6 mins. 18 secs.


1.8 MB file, bitrate 40 Kbits/sec



On the electronic front, there's the free-wheeling manipulation of dials in control rooms; sub-sonic sounds that you feel, not hear; machine noises; feedback; tape echo; anything!


Velvet Underground
John Cale, Guitar and Feedback
7 mins. 14 secs.


2 MB file, bitrate 40 Kbits/sec


On the original flexi-disc, the last groove in this record is a "locked groove," repeating ad infinitum; for this web version, we let it loop for about 45 seconds.



Original format: 7-1/4 inch, 33-1/3 rpm, monaural recording on flexible plastic. White Wind recorded by Vanguard Records; Loop recorded by John Cale.



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