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  Audio: A Sampler of Electronic Music

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Mario Davidovsky
In Memoriam Edgar Varèse
5 mins. 22 secs.


1.5 MB file, bitrate 40 Kbits/sec

This magnetic tape composition was done in the tape studio of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. In contrast to Horn, this composition was done entirely on magnetic tape with each sound created and controlled entirely by the composer in the tape studio.


Gordon Mumma
Horn, a coulisse from antiquity in the guise of an objet trouvé.
Gordon Mumma, French Horn; Robert Ashley, Cybersonic Console; George Cacioppo, Cybersonic Console
6 mins. 21 secs.


1.8 MB file, bitrate 40 Kbits/sec

Horn is a live-performance electronic "chance" composition. The sound source is a French Horn fitted with a special mute containing a microphone. The sounds from the microphone are fed to the two cybersonic consoles (transistorized sound modifiers). The consoles are operated by two performers who determine the continuity of the work during each performance, according to the conditions specified by the composer. Thus, the composition changes at each performance.



Original format: 7-1/4 inch, 33-1/3 rpm, monaural recording on flexible plastic.



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