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  Structural Play #3  



The grids are 60 inches by 60 inches, individual squares 20 by 20. They may be demarcated by half-inch masking tape.

They are at least 6 feet apart.

The performers are dressed in white bodystockings or leotards, with tight-fitting hoods covering the ears.

They wear featureless silver masks.

Words are spoken in a monotone, with a one-second interval between words. (The lips may be closed between words.) The capitalized word is emphasized by increase in volume, not in pitch.

A leads with the right foot, B with the left. Half-steps are taken, i.e., the non-leading foot is brought up to the leading foot. After a one-second interval, the leading foot is advanced again.

Turns are taken in a semi-military convention (e.g. for A left heel-right toe; for B right heel-left toe). This leaves the non-leading foot advanced. It should be brought back to the leading foot, and the leading foot advanced again.

There is a five-second interval between speech and movement. Speech is made before the related move. There is a ten-second interval before the first speech and after the last movement.

Light is preferably indirect, doing away with shadows and "drama." The performers should be discovered on their grids when lights go up.

The locus is preferably the floor around which an audience sits on chairs. Stages should be avoided when possible.



A      WHAT do you want?



B      what DO you want?



A      what do YOU want?



B      what do you WANT?



A      I don't know



B      i DON'T know



A      i don't KNOW



B      WHO does?



A      who DOES?



B      YOU



A      ME?



B      YES, you



A      yes, YOU



B      I don't know



A      i DON'T know



B      i don't KNOW



A      I think you do



B      i THINK you do



A      i think YOU do



B      i think you DO




Original format: Single sheet, 8 by 40 inches, accordion-folded.



Adapted for the web by Andrew Stafford.
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