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  Labyrinths and Psychological Stress  

In a world of growing social size and intense technological developments, while at the same time we witness the obsolescence of our present systems of values and the rapidly increasing indifference, due to repetitive feedback and constant exposure to the bathos of perception, it becomes more and more difficult for man to discharge his natural aggressive drives, those basic and fundamental motors of the human mind - as Dr. Konrad Lorenz has so well proved.

By directly involving people in rapid successions of environmental changes, by intense and unexpected situations sometimes approaching the upper thresholds of tolerability, it becomes possible to liberate instinctive behavior mechanisms, thus giving us a new and deeper insight into ourselves and our environmental vironmental universe.

Sensory deprivation rooms, disorientation rooms, panic rooms, floating rooms, overloaded sound-and-light rooms, offer us (now all psychopaths) situations in which we can "let ourselves really go," and so discharge our aggressive drives in a safer and redirected way.

By so exploring and extending the limits of our sensibility and the comprehension of ourselves, we will be able to discover new values and ideals - so necessary in our present times, if we want to survive.



A three yards by 36 inch base, whose floor makes it difficult for a person walking through it to keep his balance , by placing mattresses on the floor , and whose borders , 8 inches high , provide visual stimulation in the form of the programmed illimunation of ten 300-watts floodlights on each side , and auditory deprivation in the form of the sound of an alarm bell programmed from an electric carpet which is activated by walking through the center of the floor .




A two 500-watts floodlights alternating with a two 300-watts floodlight , in a slow pulsating sequence .


Two taperecorders : a demoniacal laugh , plus a white noise .


Original format: Two legal-size sheets, printed on both sides, folded to make an eight-page booklet.



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