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  Audio: Joyous Lake / Spontaneous Sound  

The Joyous Lake
Elsen Standlee, Flute; Raja Samyana, Drums; Angus MacLise, Drums; Ziska, Voice; Hetty MacLise, Organ
6 mins. 34 secs.


1.8 MB file, bitrate 40 Kbits/sec


Christopher Tree
Spontaneous Sound
9 mins. 55 secs.


2.8 MB file, bitrate 40 Kbits/sec


Played spontaneously by Christopher Tree on a collection of 150 instruments from many parts of the world. An LP record album of Spontaneous Sound with additional instruments is planned for release by Aspen.



Original format: 8 inch, 33-1/3 rpm, recording on flexible plastic. Joyous Lake recorded in monaural sound at St. Mark's-in-the-Bouwerie, New York. Spontaneous Sound recorded in stereo at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York.



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