Erica Baum | b. 1961

Dog Ear (2010) [PDF, 25mb]

The Naked Eye (2090) [PDF, 17mb]

Strange Bedfellows (2008) [PDF, 6.7mb]
A twentieth century Sears promotional giveaway - bookmarks - where all the U.S. presidents - up to Truman - are partnered.

Piano Rolls-Roll Playing (2008) [PDF, 7mb]
Lyrics selected from twentieth century music rolls for player pianos. A note on the box of one roll declares:

""The hand played music roll for player piano is a musical photograph of the hand playing of the musician who made it."

Card Catalogues (1997) [PDF, 12mb]
Black and white silver gelatin photographs of library card catalogues.

Frick (1998) [PDF, 8mb]
Photographs from a photoarchive of Western art at the Frick Museum's Art Reference Library. They depict the cross-referencing notes - made on the back of each catalogue card- to the contents of a specific painting.

Index (2000) [PDF, 10mb]
These are photographs of selections of text from book indices combined with xerox noise.

Directions (2003) [PDF, 10mb]
Selections of stage directions from plays. Unspoken during the performance they form a hidden text co-existing with a script's dialogue.

Play (2003) [PDF, 8.5mb]
Black and white photographs of the backs of paperdoll figures, some undetached and others already perforated. These blank players are actors in multiple possible narratives.

Them (2004) [PDF, 12.8mb]
Photographs from an old board game called Physogs where players match parts, eyes, noses, mouths to a key that links facial features with personality types. The pictures play around with the scary and indexical notion that looks dictate destiny.

Body Language (2007) [PDF, 12.8mb]
Cards from the game Lucille Ball's Body Language, a version of charades. Players choose a word and act it out.

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