Mathieu Copeland (b. 1977)

Mental Map for an Exhibition (2010) [PDF, 21mb]

Edited to accompany the exhibition "...avant il n'y avait rien, après on va pouvoir faire mieux (…before there was nothing, after we can only do better…)", co-curated by Mathieu Copeland & Philippe Decrauzat for Circuit - Lausanne, Switzerland, “a mental map for an exhibition (une carte mentale pour une exposition)” is both the catalogue for an exhibition and a statement on the ad-equation between the original and its copy, and their inherent equality.

This ‘photocopy book’ (another Xerox book so to say) reproduces all the artefacts featured in the exhibition, cataloguing these quite literally as all are photocopied and reproduced at scale 1: by Nicolas Eigenheer. A mental map for an exhibition is akin to laying out a territory of thoughts, a cosmology of connections, attractions, or and again repulsions. Equally to how an exhibition ultimately exists through knowledge, in a mental space, a mental territory is thus to be mapped out.

This publication includes art works, drawing or again printed matters by artists including Alan Vega and Antonin Artaud, Kurt Seligmann, Ad Reinhardt, Paul Sharits, Emma Kunz, Glenn Branca, Gustav Metzger, Wallace Berman, Phoebe Unwin, Claude Parent, Jon Savage, Unica Zürn, Madelon Vriesendrop, Charles Burns, Judy Chicago, Brion Gysin, Amélie Dubois, Savage Pencil, Hans Hartung, Asger Jorn, André Masson, Max Kohler, Henri Michaux, Mel Bochner, Steve Albini, Dinos Chapman, Jake Chapman, Jean Tinguely, Max Ernst, Gerhard Rühm, Tadeusz Kantor, NPA, Bruce Conner, Marty Rev, Bob Cobbing, Linder Sterling, Frank Kozik, George Maciunas, Leonora Carrington, Henry Flynt, Henri Chopin, George Brecht, Le Freistilmuseum, Loulou Picasso, Yoko Ono, Scott King, Rudolph Grey, A.R. Penck, Michael Snow, J.G. Ballard, Salvador Dali, Paul “Cool P” Liebegott, Wyndham Lewis, Jacques Villeglé, Karl Holmqvist, Jacques Bonnard, Ric Ocasek, Marian Zazeela, Delphine Coindet, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Warren Neidich, Hans Bellmer, Natacha Anderes, Peter Fischli, Roland Topor, Virginia Overton, Andrea Merkx, W. C. Westermann, Fabrice Stroun (…).

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