Bruce Andrews
Michael Basinski
Erica Baum
Laurel Beckman
Derek Beaulieu
Giselle Beiguelman
Caroline Bergvall
Charles Bernstein
Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee
Erik Belgum
Riccardo Boglione
Christian Bjoljahn & Martin Johs. Møller
Christian Bök
Evelin Brosi
David Cammack
John Cayley and Daniel C. Howe
Claude Closky
Barbara Cole
Matt Connors
Mathieu Copeland
Julien d'Abrigeon
David Daniels
Kevin Davies
Jean Day
Nicole Dextras
Craig Dworkin
Matthew Eberhart
Octavian Esanu
Deanna Ferguson
Alec Finlay
Rob Fitterman
Brad Ford
Richard Foreman
Elson Froes

Steve Giasson
Madeline Gins
Chris Girard
Jesse Glass
Loss Pequeño Glazier
Kenneth Goldsmith
Goldsmith + Joan La Barbara
Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen
Jessica Grim
Guerilla Poetry
Neil Hennessy
Toadex Hobgrammathon
James Hoff
Vincent Katz
Robert Kelly
Madelyn Kent
Akshat Khare
Aaron Kunin
Franck Leibovici
Brian Lennon
Ira Lightman
Tan Lin
Dana Teen Lomax
Clark Lunberry
Elana Mann & Adam Overton
Ilan Manouach
William Marsh
Patrick Miller
Nicholas Moore
Takayuki Nakano
Jason Nelson
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Fabian Peake
Mark Peters
Vanessa Place
Seth Price
Ergo Phizmiz

Larry Price
Janja Rakuš
Joan Retallack
Kay Rosen
Marilyn Rosenberg
Eric Rosolowski
Carlos Rowles
Dirk Rowntree
Jon Rutzmoser
Michael Scharf
Joachim Georg Schmitt
Martin Glaz Serup
Lytle Shaw
Ara Shirinyan
Ron Silliman
Casey Smith
Alan Sondheim
Juliana Spahr
Sam Stark
Fernando Strano
Danielle Tegeder
Ward Tietz
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Edwin Torres
Ryan Trecartin
Penelope Umbrico
Nico Vassilakis
Lance Wakeling
Ted Warnell
Nyein Way
Hannah Weiner
Mac Wellman
Christiaan Wikkerink

About UbuWeb Contemporary

Concrete poetry's historical move from the poetic line to the visual linguistic constellation, predicted parallel moves in computing from command line interface to graphical user interfaces. With concrete poetry's implied dynamism and hyperspace, the concrete poets seemed to be begging for multimedia to enter into their practice. Since the technology was not yet available, they stuck with the page. With the advent of the web, we've seen the fulfillment of this tendency.

UbuWeb's Contemporary section focuses on the rich tradition bestowed by the 1950s pioneers in electronic form. As more artists flock to the web, many become unknowing practitioners of concrete poetry as streaming and morphing of language moves to the forefront of graphical web-based practices, be it fine or commercial art. As such, we hope to present a selection of artworks that historically fulfill or extend the practices of the original practitioners of concrete poetry in the cyber medium.

Works included in this section, on the whole, must not be able to be reproduced on the page in static form. They must be medium specific, employing text, image, or text + image in dynamic ways. Java, Flash, back-end programming or simple animated .gifs are the common parlance. As web technologies continue to develop, UbuWeb's Contemporary section will showcase them as they relate to the historical development of concrete poetry.