Franck Leibovici | France

"9+11" (PDF, 12mb)

9+11 (2005) is made from the "9-11 commission report". it has been thought as an example of what could be a "poetic document", such as defined in leibovici's essay, about poetic documents (al dante, 2007). in this essay, works by charles reznikoff, mark lombardi, or colin powell are analyzed through this new category : a poetic document is a textual, sound or pictorial device, whose aim is to process a huge quantity of data, impossible to be handled "by hand" or without any intellectual technology. the new form of representation, proposed, would allow a new use, more helpful, in our everyday life. a focus on the process of production of knowledge is thus developped through a very simple question : what does mean "to repeat an already existing utterance" ? in the tautology A=A, is the second A the same than the first one ?

"quelques storyboards" (PDF, 588kb)

few storyboards (2003) were first designed as real storyboards for what was, at that time, leibovici's main activity : videoprojecting powerpoint slides-shows. little by little, the storyboards got their autonomy and lived their own life.

""portraits chinois" (PDF, 144kb)

portraits chinois (al dante, 2007) is another example of poetic documents. it was composed as a "promenade" through different websites of various military and political activists, in order to make a mapping of these "uncovered realities" of the low intensity conflicts.

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