Janja Rakuš | Slovenia

Voodoo Waltz for Epileptics (2014) [PDF]

Janja Rakuš is an award winning Slovenian visual and performing artist, filmmaker and writer. In 2008 she finished her MD of Performing Arts at DasArts in Amsterdam. Her work has been screened,translated and exhibited all around the Blue Globe, from Latin America,China, India to Rome, Tallin, Porto,Amsterdam, Paris and Cannes where she received 1st AVIFF Cannes Award 2019 for her short film ALCHEMY ON THE AMSTEL(III).

Voodoo Waltz for Epileptics / Hypergraphic Pilgrimage in 36 Hours is my fifth book. It is a conceptual literary work, multi-layered cross-section of transgressive, satirical minimalism and alchemical distillation of a word. The (in)visible thread that binds the whole text into a unified novel is the question of radical freedom revealed through epileptic seizures. In the work, epilepsy is examined as a medicinal, historical and artistic phenomenon.Voodoo Waltz is also, and primarily, a story about four epileptics whose fateful encounter brings about the end of the Old World and the birth of the New One. Chapters are linked with hypergraphic images or multiplicities of a digital Self, which I drew in a drawing-program-Painter, using a computer mouse. Voodoo Waltz is also about inventing and creating, designing and redesigning of human beings and of what they have in common, and that is spirit. It's not insane, it is written in an insane world,however. Inside this world, inside the neoliberal insanity. In a time Bauman named liquid. It can be read as an on-line-diary or guideline through iOccupy, mythological and sacral text or linguistic erotism with a drop of noir. A panoply of images and text are lying somewhere between lineated and concrete poetry, shaped with pictograms and strings of URL-s, that can be clicked and watched.

Voodoo Waltz was published by publish house Založba Pivec in 2014:

Translated to english language and published by iGogh Port in 2014.

In 2016 it was selected for Anthology of Conceptual and Digital Literature; Code and Konzept, edited by Hannes Bajohr, published by Frohmann Verlag, Berlin.