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Speechless #1. (2009) [PDF]

Includes poetry by Eva Gonzalez, Rachelle Pinnow, Helen Hajnoczky, Mary Ellen Solt; criticism by Hajnoczky.

Speechless #2. (2009) [PDF]

Includes poetry by Giles Goodland, Jessica Smith, Billy Mavreas, Valerie Roybal, Emmett Williams; criticism by Kyle Larson.

Speechless #3. (2009) [PDF]

Includes poetry by Peter Ciccariello, Kelly Mark, "ttar M. Norðfjörð, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Mike Cannell, Lola Galla; criticism by Christian Bšk.

Speechless #4. (2009) [PDF]

Includes poetry by Cecil Touchon.

Speechless #5. (2009) [PDF]

Includes poetry by Silke Rath, Jesse Ferguson, Nico Vassilakis, Anni Albers, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Carlyle Baker and Yass Nassiri.

Speechless #6. (2009) [PDF]

Includes poetry by Jen Bervin.

Speechless #7. (2009) [PDF]

Includes poetry by Dirk Krecker.

Speechless #8. (2009) [PDF]

Includes "Collaborations for Alaric Sumner" by Bob Cobbing and Lawrence Upton.

Edited by derek beaulieu, Speechless is dedicated to the dissemination and distribution of visual and concrete poetry. Each issue juxtaposes historical work with contemporary poetry and criticism.

The most recent of beaulieu's editing projects over the last dozen years, Speechless is (until now) only available directly from the editor. Epitomizing micro-press production, each issue is printed with desktop techology and then assembled, folded, trimmed and sewn by beaulieu. Speechless is quite often out of print the same day as it is produced.

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