Ivo Dimchev b. 1976
Ivo Dimchev - Lili Handel (2004)
Duration: 20 minutes

text, choreography and original music - Ivo Dimchev

The main incentive for creating this performance is the idea of the human body as a subject of physical and aesthetic consumption.

(premiere- House of Dance - Stokholm) 2004

Award for Best Actor by the International Jury of Young Critics - MASK theatre festival - Szeged /Hungary/ 2005

Nomination For Bessy Award for Lili Handel presented in La mama Theatre New York 2011

Blood, poetry and music from the white whore's boudoir

Lili Handel is the story of a diva unable to admit that her time is over. It’s not just her beauty that’s faded; Lili has become a sexless and faceless creature. She has created a phantom in the struggle to keep her former-self alive.

Ivo Dimchev explores the visceral human body. He is more than an external form to be observed by audiences. Dimchev extends his insides to you, through voice and movement – even offering up his own blood.