DV8 Physical Theatre

The Cost of Living (2004)
Enter Achilles, the Film (2004)

DV8 Physical Theatre is a dance company based at Artsadmin in London, UK. It was founded in 1986 by an independent collective of chiefly modern dancers. It is led by Lloyd Newson, whose intent has been to have a different approach to most contemporary dance than other existing companies.[citation needed] In particular, the company has been known to incorporate dancers with disabilities into its pieces, for example in the film The Cost of Living, which is both made by and features company participants.

It has thus far produced 16 dance pieces, all of which have toured internationally, and 4 award-winning films for television featuring the types of modern dance they advance. They say they are performing works that break down the barriers between dance, theatre, and personal politics and, above all, that communicate ideas and feelings clearly and unpretentiously. -- Wiki