Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker b. 1963
Counter Phrases (2000)
2000, 27' (Belgium).
Directed by Thierry de Mey
Choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Based on the stage work "(But if a look should) April Me"
Performed by ROSAS (dance) and the Ictus Ensemble (music)

Counter Phrases, made by long-time collaborators Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Thierry de Mey, features dancers from ROSAS with original music commissioned from ten contemporary composers. We are showing only the second half of the film.

1. Water, music by Thierry de Mey
2. Floral Fairy, music by Toshio Hosokawa
3. Heysel, music by Georges Asperghis
4. Dance Patterns, music by Steve Reich
5. Green, Yellow and Blue, music by Fausto Romitelli

Thierry de Mey is a film-maker, visual artist and composer who often works with dancers and choreographers on performance and film projects. Rosas, directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, is a contemporary dance company based in Brussels, which creates film and stage works and tours internationally. ICTUS is a Brussels-based contemporary-music ensemble housed in the buildings of the dance company Rosas since 1994 and in residence at the Lille Opera since 2003.