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Electronic Musical Resources: Books

  1. An Individual Note: of Music Sound and Electronics
    Daphne Oram, 1972, Galliard. [PDF, 39mb]

    Technical and playfully philosophcal book by a founder of the BBC Workshop. She is also represented in the patents section.

  2. Hardware Design of a Real-time Musical System
    Sergio Franco, Oct 1974, University of Illinios Urbana Dept of Computer Science. [PDF, 40mb]

    Details the Sal-Mar Construction, built with Salvatore Martirano.

  3. Magic Music From the Telharmonium
    Reynold Weidenaar, 1995 [PDF, 66mb]

    See Telharmonium in patents section.

  4. Bio-potentials as Control Data for Spontaneous Music
    Manford L. Eaton, 1968, Orcus. [PDF, 9mb]

    Early work on bio-feedback music. see Alvin Lucier's Music for Solo Performer elsewhere on this site as well as the work of David Rosenboom and Richard Teitelbaum.

  5. Electronic Music: a Handbook of Sound Synthesis and Control
    Manford L. Eaton, 1971, Orcus. [PDF, 54mb]

  6. Geluid-Kijken [sound-sight]
    Dick Raaijmakers, Peter Struycken, Ton Bruynel, 1971, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Exhibition catalog with flexi-discs. [PDF, 34mb]

    Exhibition catalog with flexi-discs.

7. Music and Technology
UNESCO/La revue Musicale, Stockholm & Paris, 1970.

Prepared for UNESCO on the basis of the papers and reports of the meeting on Music and Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden in June 1970, la Revue Musicale, Paris. 13 papers delivered at the meeting.

  1. Introduction [PDF, 1.4mb]
  2. Music and Technology in the Europe of 1970, Werner Kaegi. [PDF, 13.6 mb]
  3. Interrogatory of a Musician, Albert Richard. [PDF, 1.6mb]
  4. Weltanschauung, Science, Technology, and Art, Carl Lesche. [PDF, 91.mb]
  5. Music and Computers, Pierre Schaeffer. [PDF, 18mb]
  6. The Use of Computer Programmes in Creating Music, Gottfried Koenig. [PDF, 10.2mb]
  7. Synthesis of Sounds by Computer and Problems Concerning Timbre, Jean-Claude Risset. [PDF, 6.3mb]
  8. The Electronic Sound Studio of the 1970's, Max Mathews. [PDF, 5.3mb]
  9. The Training of the Composer in the Use of New Technological Means, Gustav Ciamaga. [PDF, 4.1mb]
  10. New Technology and the Training of Composers in Experimental Music, Krzysztof Szlifirski. [PDF, 2.8mb]
  11. Space in Electronic Music, Kurt Blaukopf. [PDF, 7.7mb]
  12. Music and Technology in Japan, Minao Shibata. [PDF, 3.8mb]
  13. Technology and the Composer, Herbert Brun. [PDF, 6.4mb]
  14. UNESCO Report on the Stockholm Meeting, Everett Helm. [PDF, 7.2mb]
  15. Participants [PDF, 1mb]

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