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This new section of Ubuweb is devoted to technical resources concerning the practice of electronic and experimental sound. This is a place for information about actual methods and techniques, with little writing on aesthetics alone. It takes the form of technical/historical articles, interviews, books, small-press magazines and patents. Regrettably, most previous treatments of electronic music have tended to shy away from the details of the medium itself. In hopes of rendering the subject palatable they have removed much of its flavor, for it is precisely within the box, teeming with currents, where the true beauty resides - the other side of the panel. This first installment offers nearly 300 items, arranged according to the scheme above. There is still much work to do.

We've taken the filing cabinet as our model, rather than the museum, and our focus is on historical and rare material rather than recent developments. We've chosen to exclude contemporary work here not because it is less relevant, but because it already takes care of itself. Indeed, we hope to nourish living work with this collection, and we're open to suggestions about what would make such an archive useful. This initial installment will be augmented by further submissions and research, which we hereby solicit. Ideally, we'll make determination for inclusion by methods other than "like and dislike". We're looking for the gems of your research, the side-roads, the technical explanations that led to moments of clarity. We're trying to get the hoarders of inspiring miscellany to share the best of their libraries - personally "important" things photocopied to save them from disappearance.

Please contact us at the address below with submissions, questions, suggestions, or wish lists.

Not leastly, we would like to acknowledge the assistance and cooperation of the following generous individuals: Di-ay Battad, Kate Bechak, Margaret Cox, Emily Davis, Kenneth Goldsmith, Daniel Letson, Johannes Ma, Reynold Weidenaar, and Tim Williams.

Section custodians, Michael Johnsen & Matthew Wellins.

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