Electronic Musical Resources

Electronic Musical Resources: Interviews & Media


    An Interview with David Behrman Jay Huff, 1972, The Composer [PDF]

    Interview with Joyce Hinterding Josephine Bosma, Aug 1998, Amsterdam [PDF]    

    Fishing for Sound: An Interview with Improvisational muslcian/sound Installation artist Takehlsa Kosugi John Hudak, ND Magazine [PDF]

    Intona [film, 9 minute excerpt] Dick Raaijmakers at V2, Holland

    Conversation with David Tudor [audio interview] Conducted by Gustavo Matamoros and Russell Frehling, October 1995. More information, including transcription, can be found here. Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


    Ralph Jones Interview conducted by Matt Wellins in May 2010 [MP3]
    Ralph Jones Interview 1980 [PDF]

Star Networks at the Singing Point
    Star Networks Performance Instruction [PDF]
    Star Networks notes [PDF]
    Star Networks Merce Cunningham Program [PDF]
    Star Networks Photo
    Star Networks recording [MP3]

Dry Pool Soundings
    "Dry Pool Soundings" notes [PDF]
    "Sound Sculpture Residency" notes [PDF]
    "Dry Pool Sounding Photograph" [PDF]

Ultrasound Project
    Residency Report [PDF]
    Ultrasound Hunting Photos [PDF]
    Directional Loudspeakers [PDF]
    Circuitree [PDF]
    Digital Filters [PDF]


    John Driscoll Interview conducted by Matt Wellins in November 2010 [MP3]
    A Gift fur den Geist Score [PDF]
    A Hall is All Score [PDF]
    Bottom Coasting Score [PDF]
    Ebers and Moll Score [PDF]
    It's In Them and It's Just Gotta Come Out Score [PDF]
    Listening Out Loud Score [PDF]
    Stall Score [PDF]
    Design Residency Gas Instrument [PDF]


    Phil Edelstein Interview (with John Driscoll) conducted by Matt Wellins in November 2010 [MP3]

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