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Abraham H Frisch

Developed a unique method of recording directly to magnetic tape, without the use of mics, or electricity - a truly synthetic method. See Gordon Mumma's article on Frisch in "Electronic Music Review" in our periodicals section, and "making Analogs with a Magnet" in the articles section.

  1. "Method of and Apparatus for Composing Harmonic Continuities", A.H. Frisch, US Patent 2619867, 1952.
  2. "Method and Means for Producing and Recording Simple and Composite Notes or Tones", A.H. Frisch, US Patent 2627413, 1953.
  3. "Device for Illustrating Vectors", A.H. Frisch, US Patent 3028686, 1962.
  4. "Magnetic Recording of Musical Tones Employing a Magnetic Pattern Die", A.H. Frisch, US Patent 3539697, 1970

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