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Morse Robb

a kind of sampler, a superior organ, television, and help for the blind from this Canadian

  1. "Sound Mechanism", Morse Robb, Canadian Patent CA284183, 1928. phonographic method
  2. "Means for electrically transmitting imagery", Morse Robb, US Patent US1768634, 1930. a kind of "proto-sampler" using phonographic method.
  3. "Television", Morse Robb, US Patent US1801756, 1931
  4. "Method and means for studying sound", Morse Robb, US PatentÊUS2050380, 1936
  5. "Sound Studying Apparatus", Morse Robb, Canadian Patent CA357897, 1936
  6. "Wave Organ", Morse Robb, Canadian Patent CA359391, 1936. the Robb Wave Organ.
  7. "Sight Instrument for the Blind", Morse Robb, Canadian Patent CA743764,Ê1966
  8. "Viewscope for the Blind", Morse Robb, US Patent US3704378,Ê1972

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