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Electronic Music Review
Reynold Weidenaar & Robert Moog, editors, Independent Electronic Music Center, Trumansburg, NY. Numbers 1-7 (all issues), Jan 1967-Jul 1968. Hugh Davies, Guest Editor for double-issue 2-3, which was co-published with the GRM de ORTF, Paris. Scanning copies provided by kind permission of Reynold Weidenaar.

Electronic Music Review N°1 [PDF, 18.8mb]

Raymond Wilding-White- Happy Birthday
Harold Bode- The Multiplier-Type Ring Modulator
Karlheinz Stockhausen- Notes on Mixtur (1964)
Robert Ceely- Electronic Music Three Ways
Symposium: Programmed Control
Robert A. Moog- Introduction to Programmed Control
Emmanuel Ghent- The Coordinome in Relation to Electronic Music
George w. Logemann- Techniques for Programmed Electronic Music Synthesis
James Gabura and Gustav Ciamaga- Digital Computer Control of Sound Generating Apparatus for the Production of Electronic Music
Luciano Berio- Remarks to the Kind Lady of Baltimore

Electronic Music Review N°2-3 [PDF, 220mb]

""Repertoire International des Musiques Electroacoustiques/International Electronic Music Catalog", compiled by Hugh Davies. [a worldwide, comprehensive listing of every Electronic Studio and composition known at the time. A monumental task.]

Electronic Music Review N°4 [PDF, 30mb]

Tristram Cary- Superserialismus: Is There a Cure?
Symposium: Mixers and Level Controls
Robert A. Moog- Introduction to Mixers and Level Controls
James Seawright- Fundamental Concepts of Electronic Music Mixers
Gerald Shapiro- Functional Design of Electronic Music Mixers
Hugh Le Caine- Some Applications of Electrical Level Controls
Frederic Rzewski- A Photoresistor Mixer For Live Performance
Fernando von Reichenbach- The Sound Level Photoprogrammer
Robert A. Moog- Construction of a Simple Mixer
Paul Ketoff- The-Synket
Kurt Stone, Joel Chadabe- Reviews

Electronic Music Review N°5 [PDF, 36mb]

Gordon Mumma- The Magnetic Stencils of A. H. Frisch
Tod Dockstader- Inside-Out: Electronic Rock
Henri Pousseur- Calculation and Imagination in Electronic Music
Alvin Lucier- The Making of North American Time Capsule 1967
Jon Appleton- Additive vs. Subtractive Synthesis
Electronic Media Review Harold C. Schonberg- The New Age Is Coming
Joel Chadabe- Mona Lisa II Letters Contributors
Index of Advertisers

Electronic Music Review N°6 [PDF, 37mb]

Symposium: Tape Recording
Robert A. Moog- Introduction to Tape Recording
Walter Carlos and Benjamin Folkman- The Quality Race
Gordon Mumma- A Report on Tape Recorders
Walter Carlos and Benjamin Folkman- Multi-Track Recording in Electronic Music
Gerald S. Macdonald- The MRS Recorder
Ray M. Dolby- Noise Reduction in Electronic Music
Eugene M. Zumchak- The Newell Tape Transport
Wayne Barlow- Electronic Music and Music Education
Hugh Davies- Review

Electronic Music Review N°7 [PDF, 27mb]

Roger Reynolds- It(')s Time
Walter Carlos- A Variable Speed Tape Drive
Paul Strok Adler- Some Problems and Prospects in Copyrighting Electronic Music
Robert Erickson- Tube Filters
Tod Dockstader, Tristram Cary, Walter Carlos, Edward Tatnall Canby, Jonathan Weiss- Reviews

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