Anna Akhmatova (1889-1996)
A Film About Anna Akhmatova (2008)
Dir. Helga Landauer

""You will hear thunder and remember me, and think: she wanted storms..." -- Anna Akhmatova

Fate granted Anna Akhmatova immense poetic talent, beauty, fame and a brilliant generation. Then came the executions of her loved ones, hunger, wars, revolutions, Soviet terror, isolation, betrayal. Yet Akhmatova emerges victorious, armed with mere words of poetry that-too dangerous to commit to paper-had to be memorized to be preserved.

""Each of our lives is a Shakespearean drama raised to the thousandth degree." -- Anna Akhmatova

This film follows this story reminiscent of an antique tragedy. Its participants, aside from the heroine, include Apollo and the muses, Dido and Aeneas from her beloved record of Purcell, Amedeo Modigliani, witches and visitors, statues and sovereigns, portraits and artists, armies and gardens, Paris and Leningrad, the storyteller and eternal chorus of milling crowds.

Anna Akhmatova in UbuWeb Sound