Pierre Alferi (b. 1963)
Elvin Jones (2000)
(4min, music by Rodolphe Burger, 2000).

1st voice :
You smash cobbles.
You break statues.
You deal new cards.
You launch the basis to the top.
You shake branches.
You lift skirts.
You crack pods.
You slice logs.
You scratch debris.
You plow ice.
You dig canals.
You feather birds.
You blow dust.
You divide atoms.
You make tombstones waltz.
You unbury.
You reanimate.

2cd voice :
I'll make you come down.
I'll undress you.
I'll unlock you.
I'll analyse you.
I'll profane you.
I'll dismantle you.
I'll banalize you.
I'll make you bend.
I'll put you in a black box.
I'll forge a fullerene cage for you.
I'll multiply you.
I'll digitalize you.
I'll free access you.

3d voice :
But you hack instruments.
You add oil to water.
You overdrive gears.
You change calendars.
You make the night come.
You're a step ahead.
You destroy allies.
You preventively strike.
You lubricate the rope.
You divert.
You err.
You erase your traces.
You disinform.
You violate your rules.
You burn your vessels.
You dilapidate.
You discredit yourself.
You kill yourself.
You reconstitute yourself.