Pierre Alferi (b. 1963)
Ne l'oublie pas (2001)
(Do not forget it, 5min, music by Susumu Yokota, 2001).

[One day still
perhaps today
certainly a moment ago
no doubt within last year
one night recently
believe me once in your life
one monday in june
at least in your childhood
from time to time instantly
at each hour everyday
in the darkness through the window
on the ceiling
eyes closed in the street
on the phone in transportations
on tv at the office
in the papers in bed
in a movie at the hospital
in a book at the sea
on the floor in a face
in altitude in the toilet
in dreams

you've seen you've felt you've perceived you've noticed
you've met you've made out
you've embraced you've reached
you've admired you've loved you've thanked
you've guessed you've suspected you've discovered
you've betrayed you've rejected you've refused
you've ignored you've sacrificed you've missed

unknowingly unwillingly
in passing by reflex
with no merit by chance
through negligence unaware
unexpectedly in a moment of weekness
perversely in hiding indirectly
as a challenge for nothing
shamelessly for love as a joke
for pleasure for the gesture

a thing a detail an object
a partner an animal a plant
a material a creature
a monster an ordeal
an idea an image a ghost
a signal a memory
an emotion a thought a sentence
an urge a beauty

quick slick supple
simple dense shy tiny
sublime strange incredible fantastic
useful difficult complex
dark implacable
solid unique necessary

which awoke you excited you convinced you converted you
which surprised you delighted you
which troubled you worried you shook you
which overwhelmed you mistified you misguided you
which dazed you saved you cured you reconciled you soothed you
which helped you supported you animated you

deeply perfectly
terribly intensely
absolutely softly again madly
for once almost too much
as never to the end
with no limits magically
irresitibly forever
excessively totally

do not forget it.]