Kenneth Anger (b. 1927)
Lucifer Rising (1970-80)
Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. The film was completed in 1972 but was only widely distributed in 1980. Anger began filming around 1966, hiring a young musician named Bobby Beausoleil to act and compose the soundtrack. The film was abandoned in 1967 because Anger claimed the film footage had been stolen by Beausoleil. (Beausoleil and others said that Anger had simply spent all the money for the film). Anger then used some of the existing footage in another short film, Invocation of My Demon Brother. Beausoleil was convicted of killing Gary Hinman under the orders of Charles Manson in 1970. Anger began filming again several years later, with British singer Marianne Faithfull appearing in the film. Jimmy Page was brought in to record the soundtrack, but after he had a falling out with Anger, he was replaced by Beausoleil, who wrote and recorded the music in prison.

* Kenneth Anger - The Magus
* Bobby Beausoleil - Himself
* Donald Cammell - Osiris
* Marianne Faithfull - Lilith
* Myriam Gibril - Isis
* Chris Jagger - Man in Yellow Tunic
* Jimmy Page - Man Holding Stella of Revelation