Claude Autant-Lara (1903-2000)
Fancy Pantz (1997)
Claude Autant-Lara (1901-2000) avant-garde debut, made a decade before his first feature and two decades before his breakthrough. It features his mother, who was a famous actress, as well as Antonin Artaud, who was a friend of the family.

The films circulates around a triangular love drama with a lot of faux avant-garde effects: filming only hands and feet, rotating camera, dream sequences expressing the tensions between the protagonists etc. etc. Given that this was made many years before Un chien andalou and most of the titles that can be found in Kino's box sets, this was pretty cutting edge in 1923.

I made this HD cam recording with a camera hidden in a bag on my lap in a Paris mediathèque. Same setting as for my takes on Jean Grémillon's La Maison aux images and Lacombe's La Zone.