yann beauvais
Still Life (1997)
This tape considers the subject of HIV and AIDS from a variety of different view points. On the one hand using textual material in both English and French which appears on screen at different speeds and rhythms, and on the other, articulated by the appearance of human voice on the sound track.

Both the observations and experiences concerning AIDS overlap with one another and emerge in fragmentary form, whereby the policies pursued regarding this subject are represented through the application of specific visual modalities.

AIDS hasn't disappear as a new result of tritherapy : AIDS is being trivialized to make it easier to conceal. By employing constant confrontation as a technique, this films manages to build bridges regarding our attitudes toward HIV and AIDS.

It is a story of a person confronted with a civilization which promotes deaths as a way of life: and its attempts to confirm that something else exist beyond this wonderful antiseptic-homogenous society in which we live. -yann beauvais

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