Giselle Beiguelman (b. 1962)
Cinema Lascado (Chipped Movie): Minhocão (Paleoweb + post-cinema) (2010)
Cinema Lascado (Chipped Movie) portrays the Minhocão (“Big earthworm”, officially the Costa e Silva elevated expressway,) a huge expressway in São Paulo built in the 1960s and responsible for the degradation of a vast residential area in São Paulo downtown.

I recorded the expressway in one day of July, by car, crossing it many times, from the top and under the bridges.

Here images follow one another by a movement of scanning the landscape. The result is a series of sequences that deconstruct the space to be recreated as visual noise, guided by the predominant colors of the surroundings, revisiting the surrealist notion of Convulsive Beauty and the Glitch aesthetics. Cinema Lascado mixes hi-tech and low, the sordid and the sublime, combining HD video with the technique of animated GIF - the first moving image format on the web - and the browser instability. In and intermitent way, it plays with saturation and suppression to reconstruct the perception of the surroundings and the city, the old and new, the up and down, the tool and the device. In one phrase, Cinema Lascado is Paleoweb + Post-cinema

The video was recorded from inside the car. Some frames are selected and are edited in an old GIF animation editor. Then they were distributed and placed in HTML pages to run in the browser in full screen, with a meta refresh script. The movement between images is given by this script. The result of this process: many bugs in the reading process of the animations and unstable temporality. Finally, the images are captured from inside the browser using a screen recorder and become video again.

Cinema Lascado was conceived as a duo channel installation, presenting, simultaneously and looped, the Minhocão from above and from the bottom. In its single channel version, it was reedited showing sequences from up and down, alternatively.