Giselle Beiguelman (b. 1962)
The QR-Comms (2011)
Animation (Flash and MP4), 16:9 (1280 x 720), Loop.

The Qr-Comms remixes the Ten Commandments given by God, exploring new paradigms for artistic creation for the online environment. It investigates the fluidity of network identity and its artificial presence in our contemporary authorial (or post-authorial) condition.

The work is an unfolding of the 10COMMS project by Giselle Beiguelman and Mark Amerika, launched at the 2nd Buenos Aires Biennial in 2002.

Some of its points of departure are:

a) Aura is interface.
b) One cannot own a thought any more than they can patent a particular walk through the desert
c) The desert, like the mind it operates in, is the landscape where open source is visited and revisited.
d) The Digital Aleph (re)discovers the narrative potential of open source code, of social software, in the solitude of the desert -- the desert of the real where radical intersubjectivity blooms.
e) Code is code. Decode it.

The 10Comms
(Text by Mark Amerika and Giselle Beiguelman)

I am the Net who linked thee out of the purgatory of thy Interface
Thou shalt have no centralized Nets before me
Thou shalt take every name in vain
Honour thy codes and thy sources, that thou mayst be longlived upon the no-man's-land which thy Web will give thee
Thou shalt kill all spam
Thou shalt adulterate everything
Thou shalt not be inspired
Remember that thou keep thy passwords that thou mayst be logged in thy network
Thou shalt not bear false consciousness in all media environments
Thou shalt covet thy neighbour's source code