Michael Blackwood (b. 1934)
The Artist's Studio: Jean Dubuffet (1973)
In the fall of 1973 we had an opportunity to visit Jean Dubuffet in his studio while he was at work on a detail for his musical theater piece Coucou Bazar. The production, which Dubuffet saw as an animated painting, featured performers in costumes resembling figures in his paintings and sculptures. The piece had a successful premiere at New York's Guggenheim earlier that year, alongside a retrospective of Dubuffet's previous works, and later would open at the Grand Palais under the auspices of the annual Festival d'Automne. Though Dubuffet once suffered a period of doubt surrounding his art, he returned to the practice with an impersonal and primitive touch, becoming more and more influenced by works that had no connection to mainstream art, for which he coined the term ART BRUT.

Jean Dubuffet in UbuWeb Sound