Juliette Blightman b. 1980
September 10th (2006)
Blightman’s images, films and installations are based on moments and relationships at different points in time of her life. The places and people to which her objects stand in relation have points of overlap within her own life and a significance related to it. There’s tension between the intimate relationship of the artist to her contents and the personal experience of her works. It’s an exchange that mutually informs the making and the beholding, which gives it reciprocal meaning.

These aren’t simple confessions.

Her images, spaces and situations are much more elements of a coherent language of form, with which the artist successively fills up the world in order to blend into our viewing habits and thereby our reality. She makes them transparent, which pulls her way of acting in life into the art – and back. Tenderness and brutality, rapture and apathy play equally important roles in this model of artistic intervention.

--Tenzing Barshee

"Ten Women Who Use Film" curated by Jennifer Higgie