Bill Brand (b. 1949)

Moment (1972)
Zip Tone Cat Tune (1972)
Angular Momentum (1974)
Chuck Will's Widow (1982)

Bill Brand's experimental films and videos have screened extensively since 1973 in the US and abroad in museums, festivals and independent film showcases. His feature documentary Home Less Home has been seen worldwide on television and was featured at major film festivals including the Berlin Film Festival and New Directors/ New Films Festival. His 1980 Masstransiscope, a mural installed in the subway system of New York City which is animated by the movement of passing trains, is a widely regarded work of public art. In 1973 he founded Chicago Filmmakers, the showcase and workshop and until 1991 served on the Board of Directors of the Collective for Living Cinema in New York City. He is currently an Artistic Director of Parabola Arts Foundation which he co-founded in 1981. Bill Brand lives in New York CIty and is Professor of Film and Photography at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Since 1976 he has operated BB Optics, an optical printing service specializing in 8mm blow-ups and archival preservation for independent filmmakers, libraries, museums and archives.